Vyatta – Upgrade system, Save boot configuration, Speed interfaces, System host name, Time zone

Upgrade system

root@vyatta# full-upgrade
root@vyatta# full-upgrade -k

Save boot configuration

root@vyatta# save
Saving configuration to '/opt/vyatta/etc/config/config.boot'...

Speed interfaces

vyatta@vyatta# set interfaces ethernet eth1 duplex full
vyatta@vyatta# set interfaces ethernet eth1 speed 1000
vyatta@vyatta# show interfaces ethernet eth1
 duplex full
 hw-id 00:0c:29:93:44:2c
 speed 1000

System host name

vyatta@vyatta# set system host-name core2
vyatta@vyatta# commit
vyatta@core2# show system host-name
 host-name core2

Time zone

set system time-zone Europe/Sofia
vyatta@core2# show system time-zone
 time-zone Europe/Sofia

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